ELF OpenGo is an AI bot from Facebook AI Research (FAIR) that has defeated world champion professional Go players. Both the trained model and code used to create ELF OpenGo are available to the community to inspire others to think about new applications and research directions for this technology.

ELF OpenGo is a reimplementation of AlphaGoZero / AlphaZero that was trained on 2,000 GPUs over a 15 day period, and has achieved super-human performance. With only a single GPU, the ELF OpenGo bot played with four top 30 professional players and won 20-0 in slow games that impose no constraints on time spent for human players.

Human Professional Game Analysis

Using ELF OpenGo, we analyzed historical professional games from the past few centuries, and developed interactive tools to visualize the results.

Analysis of Go games by quality of their moves

Play a game with ELF OpenGo

ELF OpenGo public binary, allowing anyone with a CUDA-enabled GPU to play against the final ELF OpenGo model.

ELF OpenGo Windows binary

Code & Pre-Trained Models

We have open sourced the code used to train ELF OpenGo and released the models and data.

Research Paper

More Tools


House3D is a rich environment containing thousands of 3D scenes of visually realistic houses with full labeling.


ELF is a platform for game research that allows developers to train and test their algorithms in various game environments.

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