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Systems Research

We focus on extending the frontiers of machine learning and AI by developing novel algorithmic, software and hardware techniques.

Our areas of research include computer languages, compilers, low-level optimization, distributed and parallel computing, computer arithmetic, HPC, GPU/FPGA/ASIC hardware applications, and HW/SW co-design.

Latest Publications

Systems Research

Rethinking floating point for deep learning

We improve floating point to be more energy efficient than equivalent bit width integer hardware on a 28 nm ASIC process while retaining accuracy in 8 bits with a novel hybrid log multiply/linear add, Kulisch accumulation and tapered encodings from Gustafson's posit format.

Systems Research

Billion-scale similarity search with GPUs

Similarity search finds application in specialized database systems handling complex data such as images or videos, which are typically represented by high-dimensional features and require specific indexing structures. This paper tackles the problem of better utilizing GPUs for this task.

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