Yiming Lin

Yiming is a Postdoctoral Researcher at Facebook AI Applied Research on Behavioural Computing Team. Before Facebook, he was a PhD student at Imperial College London. His research interests lies on computer vision, especially face analysis tasks such as face tracking, clustering and parsing. During the PhD, he have conducted research internships at Facebook and Samsung AI Cambridge.

Yiming's Publications

May 15, 2021



RoI Tanh-polar Transformer Network for Face Parsing in the Wild

Face parsing aims to predict pixel-wise labels for facial components of a target face in an image. Existing approaches usually crop the target face from the input image with respect to a bounding box calculated during pre-processing, and thus can only parse inner facial Regions of Interest (RoIs). …

Yiming Lin, Jie Shen, Yujiang Wang, Maja Pantic

May 15, 2021