Hao Ma

Hao Ma is a research scientist manager at Facebook AI where he's working on building the state-of-the-art AI to advance Facebook products, as well as making Facebook a better and safer place! Before joining Facebook, he was a principal researcher and research manager at the Internet Services Research Center (ISRC), Microsoft Research at Redmond, USA. His interests, in no particular order, include natural language understanding, machine learning, recommender systems and information retrieval.

Hao's Publications

August 01, 2019



Exploring Deep Multimodal Fusion of Text and Photo for Hate Speech Classification

Interactions among users on social network platforms are usually positive, constructive and insightful. However, sometimes people also get exposed to objectionable content such as hate speech, bullying, and verbal abuse etc. Most social platforms have explicit…

Fan Yang, Xiaochang Peng, Gargi Ghosh, Reshef Shilon, Hao Ma, Eider Moore, Goran Predovic

August 01, 2019