Fabio Petroni

Fabio has a PhD in engineering in computer science from Sapienza University of Rome. He also holds a master’s in computer engineering summa cum laude, from Sapienza University in Rome, and a bachelor’s degree from the same place. Fabio has been a visiting researcher at the University of Mannheim. His research experience includes the development of natural language processing models for relational analysis, studying the spreading of misinformation online and developing distributed training techniques, among others. Prior to joining Facebook, He was with the R&D department of Thomson Reuters as a research scientist.

Fabio's Publications

December 23, 2020



Language Models as Knowledge Bases?

Recent progress in pretraining language models on large textual corpora led to a surge of improvements for downstream NLP tasks. Whilst learning linguistic knowledge, these models may also be storing relational knowledge present in the training…

Fabio Petroni, Tim Rocktäschel, Patrick Lewis, Anton Bakhtin, Yuxiang Wu, Alexander H. Miller, Sebastian Riedel,

December 23, 2020