Alex Peysakhovich

Alex is a senior research scientist at Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research (FAIR). His work includes both basic and applied research at the intersection of behavioral science, economics, game theory, and artificial intelligence. Alex holds a PhD in Behavioral Economics from Harvard. Alex’s recent work involves exporting insights from behavioral economics and mechanism design to the design of smart artificial agents. He is also interested in trade going the other way: constructing new machine learning tools to improve the way we do behavioral/social science and market design.

Alex's Publications

December 10, 2019



Robust Multi-agent Counterfactual Prediction

We consider the problem of using logged data to make predictions about what would happen if we changed the ‘rules of the game’ in a multi-agent system. This task is difficult because in many cases we observe actions individuals take but not…

Alexander Peysakhovich, Christian Kroer, Adam Lerer

December 10, 2019