Rotational AI Science & Engineering (RAISE)

RAISE is a 24-month rotational program offering participants full-time employment with the Facebook AI team. It is designed to bring a cohort of software engineers together from a wide range of industry experiences and backgrounds -- ranging from individual contributors a few years out of school to experienced engineers. After completing the 24-month program, the goal is for RAISE alumni to seamlessly continue their employment at Facebook by selecting a permanent Facebook AI team to join that aligns with their skills and interests.

Participants start together as a cohort and will all follow the same program timeline so they can learn together, share experiences, and build connections with others in the program. Although they will work with many peers and teams throughout their rotations, each participant will have a single manager for the duration of the program. RAISE will facilitate networking events, ongoing development opportunities, academic conferences, and cohort-tailored experiences. Participants will also have the chance to travel internationally to get hands-on experience working with Facebook AI colleagues around the globe.

All participants are full-time employees at Facebook from the start, providing each individual with all the benefits of being an engineer in Facebook AI.


While taking part in research engineering rotations across the AI team, they will learn how to apply cutting-edge research to current and upcoming products. Additionally, participants can gain experience leveraging PyTorch, developing state of the art models, architecting machine learning pipelines, and more. RAISE will provide a unique AI foundation through hands-on experience in the full lifecycle of exploration, development, measurement, and deployment.

To apply

If you are interested in applying for the 2022 cohort, please check back in January 2022


  • Who is the RAISE program designed for?

    • RAISE is designed for industry software engineers looking to use their experience to transition to a career in artificial intelligence.

  • What type of position is RAISE?

    • RAISE is a full-time research engineering position in Facebook AI.

  • Will Facebook support relocation costs?

    • Yes

  • How do I apply?

    • RAISE applications open once per year in the spring, and all applications must be submitted through the Facebook Careers page. Please see the above ‘Apply’ section for more detail.

  • How long is RAISE?

    • RAISE is a 24-month program, with participants continuing as Facebook employees when the program ends.

  • When do participants start?

    • RAISE participants start in July as a cohort on the same start date. After onboarding and Bootcamp, they will start on their first rotation.

  • How does the team selection work?

    • During the hiring process, selected applicants will get the chance to speak with RAISE hiring managers and those receiving offers will know their future manager before they make a decision to join or not.

  • How do the rotations work?

    • The first rotation will be assigned by the hiring manager, and participants will conduct their first rotation in their hiring manager’s functional area. All subsequent rotations will take place on Facebook AI teams, and project selection will take individuals’ preferences and experience into account.

  • What happens at the end of the program?

    • The program ends at 24 months. Partway through their 4th rotation, participants will start the process to select a permanent team in Facebook AI.

  • What skills will I learn during RAISE?

    • RAISE gives a unique opportunity for engineers to potentially explore several stages of AI development while leveraging the strong software engineering foundation they already have. Rotations will vary for everyone, but there could be opportunities to gain experience in applied research, AI platforms and infrastructure, and basic research. Participants will be prepared to continue their career in research engineering with new experience in the AI space.

  • What kind of mentorship do participants receive?

    • Over the 24 months, participants will have the same manager throughout all of their rotations and that manager will be responsible for their first project upon joining Facebook. During each subsequent rotation, participants will continue to have the same manager, but will work closely with a peer who is a domain expert in the particular rotation area. RAISE participants will collaborate with a variety of teammates and cross-functional collaborators through each project.

  • Is RAISE a remote-eligible position?

    • An important part of RAISE is on-the-job learning from peers and mentors, which is why it is not a remote-eligible position. All applicants must be able to relocate to Menlo Park upon hire. Any work from home directives or delays in relocation due to current events will be communicated to successful hires but applicants should plan to relocate by their start date.

      At this time, RAISE is only offered at our Menlo Park headquarters, New York, and Seattle but we hope to offer more locations in future cohorts.